My Online Journal

I’ve finally done it. I’ve started a blog, my own personal online journal. The question is whether this journal will replace my hard copy version at home. I pride myself in journal keeping. Where many people have failed, I have prevailed. I have kept a daily record of my life since around the Spring of 1995. That’s eleven years of daily writing every night before I go to sleep. In that time I have lived many places, have had many experiences, and have grown up a lot. It’s interesting  to look back at my life and see how I have changed, as well as see what has not changed. For some reason, I sometimes will pick up my past volumes of my journals and see what I was doing that exact day, one, two, five or ten years ago. As I read what I wrote, I remember. As I remember, I can see and appreciate where I am now. I have come a long way, which leads me to my blog title: Sound to Sound.

I grew up close to Puget Sound in the Seattle area of western Washington. I now live near Long Island Sound in New York. My life has taken me other places, but for now, what I know and who I am was formed from Sound to Sound.


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