Election Day Eve

Tomorrow is election day, again. I can clearly remember thinking how the outcome of the 2004 Presidential election could change the direction of the country the Monday evening before Election Day 2004. A quick two years later, I can’t say that a lot of good has been accomplished. This is coming from someone who has a very republican background, tends to stay out of polictics, and is usually a strong supporter of our elected officials. However, I do not plede allegiance to any party. I am an issue-by-issue guy and have voted different ways in different years.

But tomorrow morning I will go to my public library and cast my vote. I will do so without walking very far (only two minutes, at most). I will not face any violence or danger on my way there. Yet, I will be able to make my voice heard, however small it may be. I live in a very democratic state, but regardless of which way I vote, I will know that I voted, and can be proud that based on the people’s decisions, we will have (hopefully) new government leaders come January. Whether the United States of America is currently rising or declining in power is debatable, but in my mind, America is still a great, if not the best, country in the world. 

On another note, we have finally settled into our new apartment. With all of our stuff in our way the past few weeks, it didn’t feel as if we moved into a larger place. Now that the furniture is in its place, the books are on the shelves, and the boxes are put away or thrown out, our place has a much larger feel. It’s peaceful there, and for at least the next fifteen months, it will be home.


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