New York Bar Exam

I passed the New York Bar Exam on the first try. This may be one of the greatest achievements of my life – that’s how big of a deal this is. I doubt I did that well, but I apparently did well enough to pass. And I shouldn’t be surprised. I gave that test my all. I knew that if I didn’t I would have regrets. Sure, I got a lot of help from Bar/Bri and PMBR, but they only provided the materials, the lectures, and the direction (without which I don’t know how anyone would pass). But the time, the energy, the frustration, and the glory was/is mine.


The Bar Exam took up two full months of my life. Sunday was the only day I even considered taking a break throughout the process. Yet, in many ways it was a peaceful time – a time that will probably stand out for me the rest of my life. I say this because during the summer of 2006 my only responsibility was to study all 24 subjects tested by the New York State Board of Law Examiners. No one gave me a hard time for not working, not to mention the continuation of my job hunt, I had a good excuse to miss the events I didn’t want to go to and could work around the events I wanted to attend. I knew what I was doing everyday and I knew how to do it.


I took the bar review course at NYU School of Law and had access to its excellent library. Every morning that summer I got off the train at Astor Place and walked through Washington Square Park before the day’s heat could take its toll. I spent four hours studying what I needed to, ate lunch (often in the park, relaxing), and then would sit and take notes through a three-hour DVD lecture on a particular topic. I then went back through GCT and came home, only to eat dinner and put in several more hours at night reviewing my notes and doing MBE questions. On the weekends, I went to my law school’s library and spent all day studying, reviewing, and catching up.

I have never studied like that in my life. I was impressed with my focus and my determination. And fortunately, it paid off for me. My thoughts go out to those who must face the exam again, as the rejection and the stress could easily lead someone to depression. It’s easy to say that it wasn’t that bad looking back, but the reality is that it was that bad. It was horrible. Nonetheless, in my case, it was a worthwhile experience and a summer I will not soon forget.

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