The Planner Within

I saw an old friend from college this weekend and we had the chance to talk. She was impressed because five years ago she was constantly on the other end of my personal planning conversations, and can now see the fruits of my labors. People would ask me what I planned to do after college and I would usually tell them that I wanted to go to law school and work in New York City. Well, here I am. My planning has paid off. I am happy with what I have accomplished and where I am today. I have proven many people wrong and have shown others that I am capable of doing what I set out to do.

But the planner within me that helped get me to this point is also the planner in me that can’t stop me from looking ahead – thinking, planning, hoping. Will I ever be at a point in my life when I can stop and be content with where I am? I am able to focus on the task at hand, but in the back of my mind I am constantly thinking of how to progress, or at least achieve what I deem as progress. The reality is that I have no complaints. I am happy with my life and where I am, but there is always so much more to learn, do, and achieve. I tend to compare myself with others unnecessarily and have learned that it does no good. There are always people that will be doing better, make more money, appear happier, etc. But all that matters is me and my family and friends. I am far from perfect, but so long as I can feel good about the direction my life is going, I can and should be happy. To do so, however, takes planning – something I have no trouble doing.  

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