A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember is already a book (and movie) title, but that is essentially the theme that I would like to use for the (or one of the) book(s) that I write. Ever since I was young I have enjoyed going on walks. It has been a time to think, reflect, prepare and calm down. Turns out that in the space of my short life thus far, I have lived in some very unique areas in the world, providing me with the opportunity to walk, as well as to learn more about me and the ever-changing world around me. My idea is to write about my life, in all of its different stages, from the broader perspective of the places I’ve been and seen on my walks.

I don’t yet know how I will do it or what format the book will take, but I think that I can describe the allure of Japan to a foreigner (See, The Inland Sea), the sandy beaches and vast sunsets of the North Shore, the wonder and beauty of the damp Northwest, and the pace and roughness of Manhattan, all within the context of a walk. A walk through time, perhaps I may call the book. The Walk Continues, maybe. The Long Walk is a good book by Stephen King, and quite a different type of book from the one I plan to write, but a good description for my book. Maybe I’ll call the book, A Single Step, after the saying, “Every journey begins with a single step.” Writing a book is quite a task, but a task that I think I am up to one day. Despite the excitement and fulfillment in my life so far, I just hope life gets more exciting –  if I ever plan to sell any books, that is.


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