Tip This!

Why and how has tipping become such a distinctive part of American culture? Contrary to popular belief, tipping is not a custom in every corner of the globe. There are many countries that don’t tip. East Asia, for example, is one area where tipping remains an option, as opposed to almost mandatory, as it is here in the U.S. And where did 15% come from? What’s so special about parties that have more than six people that the restaurant must include an additional 18% gratuity for an already overpriced meal?

Don’t get me wrong, good service deserves its rewards, but those who offer bad service still believe they deserve a piece of the pie. Personally, I am more of a 10% guy unless the service was excellent. The upside of being a cheap tipper is that I save a few bucks, the downside is that I appear stingy, which admittedly I often am. My rant is that there has become this culture of tipping in this country to where a decent tip is no longer optional. Call me cheap, but I liked it better in Japan where if I left a few extra bucks on the table they would chase me down and give it back to me. That is, of course, unless they knew they deserved it.


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