California Dreaming?

Another Christmas has come and gone, and for the third year in a row, I have spent my Christmas in California. I must admit,
California could be a great place to live – it’s diverse, the weather is nice, the opportunities are plentiful – and at least 37 million other people agree. My wife wants us to move there. But I’m not convinced yet. We both have family there and it could for us to be closer to family, with our kid coming and all. But I want to be cautious; I don’t want to live too close to family. This last holiday weekend was a perfect example: I spent about 30 hours with my wife’s family and 30 hours with my family, enough time to catch up, talk, have fun, and get out and on with our lives. Through unlimited-calling on Verizon Wireless and email, living 3000 miles away is not what it used to be. As sad as it may sound, I think I have now seen enough of my family to get me through the next year. And before I know it, Christmas will be here again. However, next year we have already decided to think twice before jumping on a plane to California. Maybe for once people can come visit us.


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