It’s New Year’s Eve, again

New Year’s Eve comes too quickly these days. It feels like I was just up all night with Hitoshi and Aaron in Fukuchiyama bringing in the new millennium. And now it’s 2007. Where does the time go? There was of course my New Year’s Eves in Laie, an event much louder and dangerous than July 4th. But then again, Hawai’i arguably has no reason to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. New Year’s Eve in Waikiki with my wife on our belated honeymoon was also special. I’ve spent a few in California in recent memory. And who could forget my December 31sts growing up in Federal Way with the boys.

And so here we are – more resolutions to make, some of which I will fulfill this year and some of which will be neverending. But I am happy to say that with each year comes progress and growth. Who knows what this year will bring – my first son or daughter, a new job? But whatever 2007 brings, it will be sure to bring life’s constant challenges and joys.


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