Think and Grow Rich

I finished another book yesterday. Originally published in 1937, Think and Grow Rich has been an all-time bestseller for decades. And now I understand why. We all have unlimited potential if you only believe in yourself. I have recently read a few excellent self-help books and want to find time this week to sit down and plan some of my goals for 2007. When I say plan, I don’t mean come up with goals either; for the most part I know what my goals are. But until I write them down and come up with a specific plan for each one as to how I will achieve them, they are not as concrete as they should be, and are thus more like good ideas than goals. I want to write a script that I can say every morning to myself that will remind me of the purpose of that day, what I want to accomplish, who I am, and my unlimited potential to achieve whatever it is I want to. Most people do not do this – they merely go along through life with no notion of what a goal is or how to reach their full potential. Think about the benefits of striving to be your best self each day, and reminding yourself how you can and why you should be each morning. Your mind will be reprogrammed. Only you control your thoughts, your actions, and your destiny. Anything is possible. These books are right – I can do whatever I want. When my wife asked me what the most important thing I learned in 2006 was, that was my response. Imagine what 2007 can bring . . . .  


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