Federal Way Forever?

I grew up in a great city called Federal Way – named so because it developed around the main route between Seattle and Tacoma, in western Washington. Federal Way, just south of Seattle, was the sixth largest city in Washington when I lived there. It was a good mix of cultures, very suburban, and full of the state’s evergreen trees. It was a good place to live while I was young. I made good friends, a handful of which I still faithfully keep in touch with. We called ourselves ETC throughout most of high school.

I don’t go back to Federal Way too often, but when I do it’s not the same. In fact, I’ll probably never live there again. This is far from my thoughts around the time I was graduating from high school. Our lives and our memories were in Federal Way and no one could take that from us. For us, Federal Way was real – to the point that when I moved out of the state after high school, I bought a personalized license plate frame  for my car that read on the bottom, “Federal Way Forever”.  But now, with my ten year high school reunion on the near horizon, I do not feel like yelling, “Federal Way Forever!” I will never forget the times I had with the ETC boys, but I will no longer say, “And when I die, let it be, but when they come for me, bury me a G – Federal Way represent”. 


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