Timing is Key

My wife may be going back to work earlier than we both thought. She had told me that she wanted to take six months off after the baby came and stay at home. But now that she is interviewing with some clinics that interest her, she may have to start as soon as the end of the summer to have a chance at getting the job. I don’t know how I feel about that. On the one hand, I would like my wife to work if she wants to, especially given the spent time and sacrifices she has made to get to this point. And the extra income is, of course, nice also. But on the other hand, I never thought that I would be handing my four-month-old baby over to someone we don’t know so that we can both go off to work. I have mixed feelings, yet I am not totally opposed to the idea. We knew this time would be coming once we had children, and the time to decide will be here soon.

One consequence of my wife finding a good job here in New York that I see is the opportunity to stay here in New York longer and gain more experience. While we both know that we may eventually leave to head somewhere else, I am in no rush to leave New York right now. There is a lot for me here, and while the cost of living and the benefits of living somewhere out west may be appealing, I think I would be bored in most other cities in this country. But just like we knew that at some point we would be probably handing our baby over to someone to care for her, we also knew that we would one day leave New York. The key to much of life, I have come to realize, is timing. Luck and a positive attitude never hurt either.


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