A Warm Valentine’s Day After All

The worst part about the snow is not the snow itself, but the slushy, dirty mess that it becomes the next day or two after the storm. This is especially true in New York City, where most people rely on their own two feet to get around. I don’t have far to walk, but apparently it’s far enough to get dirty.   

I remember the days when cold in February meant 65 degrees. The days when daylight still meant 85, but slightly windier and snow was something only relevant to Mauna Kea. Those were the Februarys in Hawaii that I miss. But now, on Valentine’s Day of all days, the snow outside is piling up. This could be a good thing, however. Knowing that the man who doesn’t bring home flowers will likely recieve an earful or cold shoulder tonight, we may all be leaving work early to beat the crowds at the florist and the worsened weather. Either way, I outsmarted them all. After missing my train last night, I picked up flowers yesterday to truly surprise my wife on a day that she’s not expecting anything. She was happily surprised and responded by giving me my gift a day early. This leaves us with not much to give each other tonight during this Fourteenth of February, except for maybe some love to warm up this cold, snowy February day.  


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