There’s Now a Crib in my Crib!

This past weekend was a watershed weekend for me – I put up my first baby crib. And no, it wasn’t for someone else’s baby. In a few short months I will be a proud father of a baby girl (whose name has yet to be determined). Not only did we set up the crib, but also the changing table, the swing, and other baby paraphernalia. I wanted to hold out for the last few months and keep our second bedroom an adult room. But my wife won out and I have now lost what extra space I had to the “nursery”. We’re not to the point where we have the whole room decorated, and we may never be in our current apartment, but it is becoming more real to me everyday that we will soon be parents. People tell me that I better enjoy what sleep I can get now, because I will soon be up every two hours to be with the baby. I am not looking forward to that. My mom and dad told me that I was a great baby. It is rumored that the same cannot be said of my wife. We’ll know who our daughter takes after in a few months. Hopefully it’s me.


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