The City So Nice . . .

People often ask me if I enjoy living in New York, to which I always respond with a resounding yes. The truth is that New York is a filthy, overcrowded, over-priced, and sometimes over-rated city. But it’s great. It’s great because it is the only thing that the United States has to offer to the handful of great world cities. Sure, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, Philadelphia, Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, and Boston have their good sides, but they just don’t compare to the Tokyo, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Sao Paulos of the world. Of the great world cities in the U.S., there is only New York.

But this alone is not what makes New York great. New York is great chiefly because it captures the heart of America in many ways. The history of New York City is largely the history of this country. In that sense, New York is the classic American city, a place where hard work can bring to pass a personal Horatio Alger rags-to-riches story. Yet, even now, 40% of all residents in New York are born abroad. What this means is that although New York is truly American, there is no other place in America quite like it. I like New York for its size, its pace, its history, its diversity, its opportunities, its people, its reputation, its attitude, and for the city itself. I must admit that I am part of the “bridge and tunnel crowd” that lives beyond the shores of Manhattan; nonetheless, when I move on, I can happily say that I filled the longing in my soul to one day live in New York – the most unique, most American, and most global of any city in the U.S.


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