Learn, Earn & Return

I’ve recently come across what I believe to be a good model in life. The concept is learn, earn and return. For six years straight I was a college and law school student (I finsihed college in three years). Having recently graduated from law school, I am finally in the earning phase of my life for the first time. This is not to say that the learning in life ever ends, merely that I now am paid a decent salary for the marketable skills I obtained through my education. The earning (and learning) phase of my life will continue for years to come, hopefully allowing me to completely pay off my student loans, provide well for my family, save and invest a good amount of money, and maybe even buy a house (which seems improbable as long as we are in New York).

Ultimately, however, life is about more than making money. The sad part is that many people, having failed to acquire sufficient education or adequate opportunities, must work until the day they die to support themselves and their family. This of course prevents one from having the flexibility required to be able to use their money in some form to help others, not to say that money is a prerequisite to helping others. I’ve been taught that seeking money is not a bad thing, so long as it is not the number one priority in life. Money is a resource that can help in many wonderful ways (think of Gates and Buffett). I have ideas as to how I want to return my assets to help others, both in knowledge, time and money, but I am still in the early stages of my earning phase and plan to focus on that for the next decade or so.


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