I Miss You My Hawaii

I miss Hawaii. For three years I lived literally across the street from some of the nicest beaches in the world on the North Shore of Oahu. Beaches such as Hukilau, Pounders, Waimea, Pipeline, and Sunset were a few minutes away. During the winter, the waves reached incredible heights, as did the number of surfers to the North Shore. Personally, I wasn’t a surfer, but I did enjoy having the beach nearby. I could go on and on about how the unique culture and people of Hawaii came to grow on me (to the point where I often consider moving back there), but those are for future posts.

One of the things I miss most about Hawaii are my walks in the evening. After a long day of studying, I regularly wanted to get away and walk, let my thoughts wander as I saoked up some alone time. Since the beach was so close it was natural that I would often end up walking along the beach. Most of the time I was out walking at night, as it was the only chance in my schedule that afforded me the time to get away. I usually brought along some music on my MD player – Ayumi Hamasaki’s greatest hits was one of my favorite CDs at the time. When I listen to her album now, I can almost feel the sand on my feet and the moon shining above the restless ocean. Some nights on the beach were pitch black. Other nights were surprisingly bright, as if somone had flipped the switch on some stadium lights. When my mind could not sit still, I would turn off the music, sit down and listen to the neverending sound of the shore.

I am no longer in Hawaii and cannot say with certainty that I will live there in the future, but I do consider it part of my home. I am comfortable there and it will always be a part of me. For some great Hawaiian music, check out: http://www.hawaii.gov/gov/music. To know how I especially feel, listen to  “I Miss You My Hawai`i” by Na Leo Pilimehana. Even if I never do move back there, I will never forget my lone walks along the beaches of Oahu.


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