Who Will Be Our Nanny?

With the way things are currently going, my wife and I may need to get a nanny sooner than we expected due to the possible start date of my wife’s job. I know that many kids have nannies and come out just fine, but I have some problems with the idea. We have no family out here in New York. How do we find someone that we trust with our child, not to mention leaving them alone in our apartment for up to twelve hours a day? Think about the money we could save by not paying someone to watch our kid (New York is especially expesive, not surprisingly). Do we do it legit and go through an agency, or do we just find someone and pay them in cash weekly? 

At some point it makes sense to move closer to family for many reasons, child care being a main one. But, I don’t want to feel as if I am pawning off my child on family, although my mother-in-law seems happy and willing to help us out. At the same time, I don’t think that I am ready to forego a career to stay home with our child – and my wife isn’t either. She believes that we can do both, have careers and raise a family, with some help, and she’s probably right. But it will be no easy task, coupled with the notion that raising a child (or two or three) is a full-time job by itself. I knew all of this when we got married, and now we have some more huge decisions to make, starting with who will watch our newborn baby. 


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