A Busier Schedule

My absence in writing this past week can only be blamed on a busier work schedule.  I even left work once at 11:00 pm last week. Leaving at 11:00 pm was, however, earlier than anyone else I was working with on the other side of the deal. So life in this practice group is not bad – both in terms of the people and the hours. The hours I have been working recently are closer to those that I expected to work after finishing law school. While I don’t mind long hours, it is nice to be able to have a life outside of work, which I know many attorneys in this city struggle to do. This will become even more important to me in exactly two months when my daughter is here. I enjoy exercising, reading, relaxing, and my own time too much to lose it completely in my life. But longer hours spent now may open doors for the future, exactly the reason why I and many other overworked people in this city continue to keep on doing it (note that I do not count myself as one who is “overworked” as referred to herein).

In other news, I am just glad that I made it through another New York winter. Haru ga yatto kimashita ne.


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