ETC Reunited!

That is the idea anyway. While speaking with an old and dear friend this past weekend, we agreed that we needed to do something to keep the friends that we grew up with close and updated with each other. Since we are now living throughout the country and don’t have much of an opportunity to get together these days, we decided to create an online forum, like a blog or wiki, where we could upload pictures and keep track of each other’s lives. Email has worked well for us for many things in the past, but there must be a better way to share pictures without cluttering up people’s inboxes. A blog is the perfect way to do that. It would take an effort on our part to contribute stories and information, but the hope is that if a few of us do it, all invited will be motivated to share what they are up to, their thoughts, and life’s exciting moments.

We found out today that our ten-year high school reunion will be this late September. I would like to go, but am not sure if my schedule (both at work and at home) will allow me to. I have also been somewhat planning an overseas trip in October, making another trip in late September more difficult. There must be a way I can combine the two, but my wife’s board exams in October create problems with that. Planning stuff is never easy, and I don’t expect it to become any easier when our baby is here in two months. Instead of bringing a backpack wherever we go, we’ll need strollers, diaper bags, blankets, and more. My life is going to change and I have no idea how much – or how much for the better. Ten years ago this spring I was ready to graduate from high school. Now I am slowly becoming ready to become a father. One constant through it all is ETC. ETC Reunited.  


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