A Flower By Any Other Name . . .

What was a May 21st due date for my first child was moved up last Friday to May 12th based on the ultrasound. It’s hard to believe that she may be here in about five weeks. They say that there is never a good time to have a kid and I must agree. Ready or not, here she comes, and my life will never be the same. On an encouraging note, I have never really heard of anyone regretting having children, and the changes that will come, people are constantly telling me, are for the better. The doctors also said that she has a lot of hair, which will be interesting to see once she’s born. Although we don’t yet have a name, we are leaning towards Hanna at this point, but I don’t know why. Hanna is not a name I ever considered or liked until recently. The name (sans the “h”) may be trendy and on a comeback from its earlier glory days, but it is also timeless. We also like the fact that Hana means “flower” in Japanese (that is how I think we originally came up with it, although the same word also means “nose”). Knowing that she’ll be half, I just hope that she is not a FLK (funny-looking kid), as some of the half kids tend to be.  But FLK or not, I just want her to be a normal, healthy baby. I will try to have some pictures up shortly after she is born so that you can be the judge.  


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