Random Thoughts That Won’t Leave My Mind

My wife received the offer from the clinic in Greenwich. She was able to find a job much easier than I was thankfully, but I honestly did not expect her to get a job so soon. Now we have to find someone to help take care of our child that will be here in a month. But who? I know that there are many people out there that are willing to work as a nanny, but how do we know who we can trust and who is any good? We’ll have to see, but the hunt for the right fit now begins. I knew that this day would come before I got married, and now it’s here. So long as we have no kids, I have no problems with my wife working as much as she wants, but as soon as we have a child, my opinion tends to shift. I realize that for the most part kids tend to like their nannies and grow up just fine, but the question is who do we get. Plus, if we do hire someone, we essentially become an employer and will have to pay more than just the nanny’s salary. Maybe we can go through an agency somehow and not have to worry about becoming an “employer” at all. Maybe I worry too much. Maybe we can make it through the first year and a half of my wife’s contract and then go from there. The next step may be to leave New York. We won’t be in a position to buy property anytime soon here, and what we can buy is not worth it. Then again, is the grass greener on the other side? And of course, I must ask myself what about Japan? For now, it appears as if it will be pushed back again (again). These are some random thoughts on a random day on my sometimes-random mind this Ninth of April, 2007.


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