Does Prestige Matter?

At some point in my life it would be nice to say that I went to such and such school or work at such and such firm, etc without having to drop footnotes explaining where and what such place is. I’m not complaining and in fact feel that I am doing quite well. I enjoyed where I went to school and the job that I currently have. Believe me, it is more than what many people have. But all are not well known outside certain circles, and thus, I am stuck having to explain myself more often than not. Maybe my feelings stem from the fact that many of the people I work with have backgrounds and experience that speak for themselves with no further explanation needed. Am I selfish, greedy, or too caught up with prestige for feeling this way? Perhaps. But even admitting so does not make me any less interested in striving for certain names, if only to use as a stepping stone to take me somewhere else.

Given that my school days are likely behind me, this leaves me with trying to one day obtain a job I deem prestigious. With certain jobs may come more money and prestige and name recognition, but they are not free. Those who choose that lifestyle make sacrifices in other ways at home and in their personal life. How willing am I to do the same? My feeling is that I am at least willing to give it a try. The thing is, until I have a chance to try working at a larger firm I will be trying to get there. And although I understand that there are pros and cons of sacrificing a lifestyle for more money or recognition, I just hope that when my chance comes, I am able to one day walk away from the experience feeling that I got out of it what I wanted to.


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