To Write A Book

While I enjoy writing and have always been good at keeping a personal journal (I have concurrently kept a daily and a weekly journal for the past eleven years), the idea of writing a book is daunting. Yet, I would like to try to do it. The problem I am having is coming up with a topic. I could do non-fiction, which I believe fits my personality and history background well, but the amount of research required is tremendous. It is essentially a full time job if one really wants to be able to turn out drafts of new chapters and finish it in a reasonable amount of time. And then there is fiction, not that it doesn’t require research, but it also requires a certain amount of creativity and writing ability. I read a lot, which I believe is necessary for anyone interested in writing, but I have yet to come up with that one topic that excites me enough to choose to write hundreds of pages devoted to it. Except maybe one – me. Not because I’m self-absorbed, but because it is something I know. Obviously, I don’t think that would cut it in the publishing world, nor would it sell.

And so the search and pondering continues. I know it is something I want to do, but I need more spare time (as if that will come anytime soon), a focused subject, and clarity of mind and thought. Perhaps one day I will accomplish the task of writing a book. For now, my journals and this blog that few people know of will have to do.


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