The Lunch Goers Dilemma

I have a few goals, one of which is to eat healthy. Not strictly organic, but decent. A second goal is to be wise with my money. I feel as if I am in a daily struggle to find somewhere to eat that won’t eventually kill me without spending too much money. Truth be told, it’s not easy nor is is cheap to eat healthy, not when every fast food place around town has a 99¢ menu. Eating healthy, for me at least, is a conscience, daily commitment. I have to admit that I am not good at bringing my lunch to work, but when I go out during the day to grab something it is a constant struggle for me. Do I spend the $7.00 for the overpriced sandwich (that may not even be healthy, but at least looks better for me) or do I just run to Wendy’s for the 99¢ Junior Cheeseburger Deluxe? On the one hand, I feel that I am saving a few dollars. On the other, I am slowly eating away at my lifespan. It’s the lunch goes dilemma. I have been better at bringing snacks to work so that I can eat during the day and not feel hungry and spend less when I grab something outside, but even then. I don’t do well when I’m really hungry and the days that I am at work until 8:00 pm or later begin to feel long. Maybe one day I’ll live and work somewhere where a healthy, filling lunch won’t cost you an arm and a leg as it does here in the Financial District of lower Manhattan. I am still working on the happy medium between my two goals, but for now, my comfort and my security are my exercise and my youth. I am creating the habits that will be with me forever and am happy to say that I have recently lost weight.


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