Two Years With the LG8300

I know that I blogged a few months ago regarding how I was going to wait until later this year to buy a new phone, but a few weeks ago I went out and bought one anyway, despite of my earlier hesitations. While I had no intention of buying the iPhone, I was impressed with the phone and was convinced that it would change the cell phone industry. In waiting to buy a phone until later this year, I thought I could wait until the iPhone’s influence would have had enough time to rub off on other companies and other carriers. But I became impatient. For the most part, I have a cell phone to make phone calls. I have the new LG8300 and enjoy it as a phone and its features, but know that I will use few of the entertainment options the phone is capable of. It’s not worth the money, time, and inconvenience for me to listen to music on my phone. I have an iPod for that. And the Internet on my phone, are you kidding me? I can’t read that small of a screen, nor do I want to. Who needs news on a phone that size? But, all of this will change in the coming years. When my new contract is up in April of 2009, the cell phones/devices available in the U.S. will be amazing (but still behind Asia), and at that point, surfing the web, reading the news, listening to music, taking pictures and making phone calls (all with abundantly longer battery life, hopefully) will not only be accessible, but will be much more convenient than today. And that is why I decided to get a new phone and lock myself into waiting for two years to go by. In my lifetime I have seen technology change itself and our lives. I can only imagine what the world may be like when my soon-to-be born daugther is my age. You can bet that the cell phones then will be like nothing we could imagine today.


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