Investing 101

They say it takes money to make money. This is never truer than with investing. Wealthy people are able to obtain more wealth because they no how to make their money work for them. Just look at the equity markets these days, not to mention the number of ridiculously large private equity deals going on. Billions of dollars are made each day. And believe me, it is the people that are already rich that are collecting most of that money. But like with many things worthwhile, making your money work for you takes know how and some level of sophistication. Since moving to New York I have become much more interested in business and finance. If I could go back to my early days of college, there is no doubt that I would have become a business major rather than a history major (although this is not based on a decreased interest in world history). 

Instead, however, my crash course has come in the past few years in the real world. Now that I have a job and am able to save some money, I am eager to have my money work for me as well, especially since I see in my job and current interests the amount of money out there to be made. To that end, I have been reading a lot of personal finance and investment books, many of which offer good advice and some of which offer common sense (which, when it comes to money, there is not much of a consensus). And so I move forward, preparing for the day that I can be financially secure, if there is such a thing, and hope that when I am finally in a position to be a big hitter in the market, that there is still money to be made. 


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