Accidents Happen

Accidents can happen to anyone. This hit home for me this past weekend because my father and stepmother were involved in a serious solo car accident that could have easily taken their lives. From how the accident was explained to me, the car hit two guardrails on opposite sides of the highway going 75 MPH, knocking off one of the front wheels in the process, and then flipped at least once, instantly shattering all of the windows and caving in the top of the vehicle. Luckily, they both escaped with fairly minor injuries under the circumstances, although they appear to be somewhat shaken up emotionally. No one else was injured, but the car was completely totaled. Yet, it was the car, a Toyota Sequoia, that probably saved their lives given the size and build of the sturdy SUV. When speaking with my father the other night he inquired to no one in particular, why is it that some people walk away from devastating accidents, like the one he was involved in last week in eastern Oregon, while others suffer severe injuries from relatively minor accidents? Of course many factors may come into play, but is there more? Is there something or someone involved that we cannot see nor yet fully understand that chooses to protect or neglect us? Are there reasons for everything that happens, other than the obvious (my stepmother fell asleep and lost control of the vehicle)? Deep down, I believe so. Not everything is based on luck and happenstance. More is involved than we’ll ever know on this earth. This is something I have believed for a while and was reminded of this weekend, when I was spared the sad occasion of attending my father’s funeral.   


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