Getting Through Residency Was Not That Bad

My wife and I hit a milestone this morning. And no, I am not talking about the birth of our first child, who should be here any day now. I am talking about my wife making it through her last twenty-eight-hour shift as a pediatric resident. I confess that before we were married I had my concerns regarding marrying a doctor knowing that the first three years of our marriage would be spent with her at the hospital working. But we’ve managed to get through without being as bad as I thought. Sure, there were the Friday and Saturday evenings that I felt like going out, but stayed at home because my wife was on call and couldn’t leave the hopsital. But for the most part it was not as bad as I had previously thought it was going to be. In fact, it allowed me to get a lot done, whether it was catching up with work or meeting friends in the city (like at bryant-park.jpg), because I knew that I was not leaving my wife at home waiting for me to arrive. (She always joked that I liked it when she was on call because I could do whatever I wanted to. She was only half right).

Whatever concerns I had when she began her residency quickly disappeared as soon as I saw how productive I could be with my busy schedule knowing that she was safe and busy working all night. Instead, however, my fears turned to her returning home safely after a sleepless night in the hospital. Finally, two post-call car accidents because she fell asleep driving and three-years-with-her-being-on-call-every-fourth-night later, we’re all okay and have made it past a hurdle that statistically destroys many marriages. Our baby will be here soon and my wife can finally take the break that she deserves (as if having a new born baby will be a break). Good work Honey. Thank you.


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  1. This one made me laugh as I tried to picture after reading each sentence. I hope that she can relax a bit during the quick break between residency and labor. You guys are such a golden couple. Good luck on everything you do!

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