Brotherly Love

I worry about my brother sometimes, but only because I know how tough of place the world can be. Don’t get me wrong, he’s an intelligent, happy, good-with-people person who will do well in life, and I’m happy for him that he’ll be getting married in August. For the most part there is nothing to worry about, except when it comes to what he is going to do with his life. He’s in college now and is maintaining almost a perfect GPA with a rough schedule and an upcoming wedding. There appears to be nothing to worry about, right?

I worry because I know personally that he has a lot of potential and may not be taking advantage of it right now. In other words, he is not as motivated as I think he should be. He will be a junior starting this fall and is interested in exploring opportunities in the world of finance and consulting with the hopes of obtaining an internship for the summer of 2008 in one of the large business cities on the coasts. Yet, his current summer job does not put him in a position to gain the know-how, skills, or experience that an employer will be looking for in the fall recruiting season. While I have no doubt that his resume outshines many at his college, it is not likely he’ll be getting the positions when the Indian-American from Stanford who has already published an article on how hedge funds can more effectively trade exchange traded funds is competing for the same position at one of the bulge bracket banks. Looking back, I often wished I had a mentor in college; someone to help explain the real world and the possible opportunities available for those willing to go after them. I had to do a lot on my own to get here, a process that has been an education, but at the same time makes me wish I could go back and approach college and graduate school differently. In an effort to prevent my brother from having those same regrets, I wish to direct him down the path that leads to prestige, great working experience and money. And while I recognize that investment banking or management consulting is not for everyone, for someone who is not sure what they want to do and wants to keep their options open, it can be a good place to start.


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