Golfing With Daddy

On Saturday I had some spare time and I sat down to do what ten years ago would have been absurd to me. I watched golf on television. And I enjoyed it. While I would like to become a better golfer, the reality is that the sport is expensive and can be very time consuming. I have only golfed a full eighteen holes once in the past eighteen months, but have managed to get to the driving range twice (followed by the same number of blisters on my hands). I respect the sport and even find watching it on television to be exciting, especially in a close match in the final two days of a tournament. Today, one of the partners at our firm that I occasionally work with is out golfing with some clients. As a lawyer in New York City, whether I like the sport or not, I need to improve my game if I want to stay in this industry and not be too humiliated. Golf is not an easy sport and I respect the game and its stars. It says a lot that Tiger Woods is the highest paid athlete and one of the most recognizable people in the world. In general, I have very few regrets in life, but in retrospect, golf is one of those things I should have done more of when I could have growing up.

And on a different note, no, still no baby yet for us. She has her parent’s stubbornness and refuses to come out and be “born.” Just when I had accepted that she was finally coming and was hoping to take this week off work, she taunted me and made me get up early on Monday morning and head to the office. But hey, it’s still early in the week. Maybe one day I’ll get my baby girl to enjoy the game of golf. With some patience and dedication, I can perhaps raise the next Michelle Wie.  


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