How Much Sleep Do You Get?

I know that the standard thinking out there is that you should get at least eight hours of sleep a night. But how many people actually do that? I feel lucky if I can get seven hours. And now with our newborn, I’m happy to get seven with only two interruptions (read, diaper changes) throughout the night. For the most part, I think I average between six and seven hours, with the occasional five hour night thrown in the week to mix it up. I find that I can function well throughout the day so long as I stay busy. Like many people, I start to doze off when I begin reading some dull security agreement or even when I’m on the train home. Which is why I tend to post something on my blog or even do stock research for my Scottrade account (which, although this is my first day trading with my new account, I have already made over $18 today) when I have downtime at work. On the weekends I sometimes try to catch up on any sleep I missed during the week, but find that I am often getting up earlier on the weekends than during the week due to church and other responsibilities.

While in college I tried to function consistently on as little as five hours of sleep a night, but I admit that it didn’t last long. The lack of productivity was not worth the few extra hours I had during the day. Yet, there are numerous people that do fine with only five hours or less of sleep each night. All in all, I am not sure that the eight hour rule applies to everyone. I just hope that I can continue doing as well as I have been on my regular schedule as I get older. As a friend reminded me last week when my daughter was born, I am now officially part of the No Sleeping In crowd. 


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