Thursday Night Hoops

Thursday nights have always been among my favorite times of the week. Not only do I know that Friday and the weekend is on the horizon, but it has historically been the time-slot for some of television’s best shows (i.e. ER). Recently, however, I have a new reason to enjoy Thursday nights – basketball. No, not watching it, but playing it. Thanks to a desire to be active, Thursday nights at 9:00 have become an escape for me. I gather with a group of guys I know through my church and we play 4-on-4 games to 7 points until 11:00 pm. Last night I came home drenched in sweat, and it felt good. None of us played college basketball, none of us are the best athletes in town, but we all play decently well and enjoy the game. It’s a time to catch up on the week, banter some, and play some ball. We have been playing for only a short time, but I have come to really look forward to it each week. Yesterday I returned home from work at 8:20 pm, inhaled some food and ran off to play ball for two hours. I must thank my wife for allowing me to go, after she was home alone all day with our infant daughter, and for realizing that I enjoy the time with the guys and the exercise. We previously tried to get together on Saturday morning, but the attendance was minimal at best. Thursday nights have proved to work much better. And, so long as we can keep a good 10-12 guys coming to play each week, Thursday nights will continue to be one of my favorite times of the week.


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