Risk Takers

I made a new friend yesterday. He moved into our apartment building (and thus into our ward) and it turns out that we have quite a bit in common. In speaking with him yesterday, he explained to me the numerous ideas he has. He’s excited to be in New York around so much talent and various opportunities and hopes to use his entrepreneurship skills and experiences and training as a software engineer to launch the business that he has already partially begun. Personally, I am amazed at his courage and determination to take risks in order to succeed and chase after his dreams.

My meeting with this guy yesterday comes just a week after I discovered that another friend of mine started his own law firm. Having graduated from Harvard Law School, he could have ended up as an associate at a white shoe firm in any city he wanted to. Instead, however, he moved to Las Vegas and set up shop with two other attorneys to start his own entertainment law and commercial litigation practice. While we were both at the same level in law school, I never even considered starting my own practice. Rather, I busted my butt in the most competitive legal market in the world to find the job I have now. He, on the other hand, is already a partner/shareholder in his firm and, if all goes well, is on the road to riches. I am in no position to jump ship and start my own practice any time soon, but if any of you begin your own venture and need a legal guy, let me know. I would love one day to take some risks and join a start-up and see where it leads us. As I’ve said in an earlier post, that is how people make real money, not to mention real happiness with their work.  


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