The Playoffs

I enjoy playing sports, as is evident from my Thursday Night Hoops post the less than a week ago. I grew up playing sports and find at my age now that the exercise and competitiveness of a good game is beneficial to me in many ways. Watching sports, however, is different. I follow what is going on in the sports world (I do have my fantasy baseball team) and I watch my share of ESPN Sports Center to keep updated, but I won’t spend the time to sit and watch a full length baseball game until October, which is when the MLB playoffs begin. The same is true for NBA games; I won’t watch a game until the playoffs begin in May (Go Cavs!). Then, I enjoy following a seven-game series and becoming familiar with the two teams and their playing style. Football may be the only exception, in that I’ll watch a regular NFL game before the playoffs, but that is probably because NFL teams only play a 16 game season rather than a 162 game season, as in baseball.

Of course, my all time favorite sports event to watch only occurs every four years, the summer olympics. The winter olympics are fun, but personally, I like the summer games better. Earlier this decade when the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were announced, I told myself that I was going to be there for some of it. Now, the Beijing Olympics are next summer, and try as I might, I think it will be difficult to make it to Beijing for some of those two weeks. And so I dream on, not to be a competitor, but a mere spectator at the summer games one day. In the meantime, at least I have YouTube for all of the great sports clips I missed. (For something truly incredible, watch this full length You Tube clip of Pele in the 1960s).  


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