Arrested Development

If you enjoyed Seinfeld and still find yourself watching re-runs that you have seen at least five times before, you must check out Arrested Development. Easily one of the funniest shows of all time, Fox, for some reason, only ran the show for three seasons. Like many people, I only discovered the show on DVD and was never into it when it was on television, hence the poor ratings leading to its end. But the show is a gem. With all of the reality junk on tv these days, this show stands out as a genuinely funny sitcom. You can watch the episodes over and over and still catch new jokes and hilarious references to prior episodes. The writers did a great job. But, I recognize that this show is not for everyone. My wife, for example, hates the show (she obviously hasn’t spent enough good quality time with the characters to understand how funny the show actually is). I don’t usually buy DVDs, especially DVDs of tv shows, but I bought Season Three and have not been disappointed. And because each episode is only twenty-three minutes long, I can watch one and relax and enjoy myself when I only have a short time. It’s too bad that the show had to end so soon.  


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