The Business of Law Firms

Since before starting law school, I have been interested in law firms as businesses. When I had downtime at my college job, I used to surf the websites of law firms to view the practice areas, office locations, and profiles of the various attorneys on each site. I was impressed with various firms long before I entered law school. And then I came to New York, where it is said that during rush hour in certain parts of the city, one out of every six people you pass is a lawyer (although this must include many people that are not actively practicing law). In law school, I became even more familiar with the various global and national law firms and had practically memorized the list of AmLaw 100 and Vault 100 firms without much effort. I find myself following blogs and publications regarding the business of law firms and the current trends and movements (see here for example). If I am not completely fascinated by the practice of law, I am at least fascinated at the business of law firms and would enjoy a position to help law firms remain competitive in the global marketplace while expanding and still meeting its clients needs. That, I believe, is where my strenghts might be, and not, rather, in negotiating an indemnity in an Escrow Agreement. But for now, I am doing the latter, and somewhat happily so, I might add. For, if I am ever to work on putting my knowledge and strengths to work, I must gain more of the practical law firm experience first. 


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