Cheers For Mayor Mike

I will always remember the day that I stepped onto a number 4 express train heading downtown and found myself standing next to the mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg. He was going through the morning papers while his security stood out in the crowded car as they scanned the other passengers. I was impressed, to say the least. I had heard that he took the NYC subway to work (which is not always the most pleasant experience, believe me), but as the mayor of New York (not to mention a self-made billionaire), no one would complain if he arrived to work at City Hall by other means of transportation, even if paid for by the city. But here he was next to me on the subway, dealing with the daily delays and rudeness that any New Yorker is all too familiar with.

With that said, however, I must say that subway ridership is up, as is safety and cleanliness. And that is the point. Mayor Bloomberg has done an excellent job with this City. I admit that I did not live here during the Giuliani years, but I like what I have seen from Mayor Mike. It is said that being mayor of New York City is the second most difficult position in the public arena aside from being President of the United States. There may be some truth to that, given the City’s size, diversity, national and international attention, cost of living and economic issues, potential terrorist targets, and so on. But just as he did with his Company, Mayor Mike is steering this City into one of the most livable (besides, of course, the cost of living), safest (in comparison to other large cities in the U.S.), successful and bustling urban areas in the country.  

There is some speculation that he may be running for President in 2008, especially since he just left the Republican Party and has declared himself an Independent (see here for the NYT article). It’s true that Independents have not done well in presidential politics, but after having been in New York the past three years and seeing what Bloomberg has done with this City, I would welcome a change at the national level and believe that Mayor Mike could be the right man for the job.  


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