Central Park

Summer is here, and with summer in New York City comes summer in The Park. Of course all New Yorkers know that there are parks all over the City, but that when one refers to “The Park” there is only one – Central Park. My thoughts the past few times I have been to The Park on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in the summer have been the same: namely, if you do not enjoy your time in The Park in a summer afternoon, you must hate humanity. From the Skate Dancers to the musicians and street performers to the Sheep Meadow and the Tourists, Central Park in the summer is a magical place. One of my most memorable times in The Park was when my wife and I rented bikes for the day and explored every stretch of the Park. Few people have been up to the Harlem Meer or around the Reservoir, but these are some of the prettiest and most untouched locations in The Park. And Belvedere Castle is a must see. Hands down, New York City would not be quite what it is without The Park. I applaud those who pushed for the idea of preserving land and designing a park in the 1850s as the city developed northward. I dare to say that New York would be a much ruder, less attractive, and overall grumpier city without the beautiful park that stretches from 59th Street to 110 Street. It truly is the park of all parks.  


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