My inactivity on the blog this past week so far has been due to the fact that I have the week off from work. Normally, one would think that a week free from work could potentially be a very productive week. That is what I thought as well and looked forward to this week with a list of things that I wanted to accomplish. But fatherhood has stood in my way. Not in a bad way, but in the way. My five-week old daughter demads and requires attention and most of the time it is attention that I am happy to give her. But in the process, I have found it difficult to get anything else done. She refuses to sleep longer than thirty minutes at a time during the day and has yet to found a way to be happy on the floor by herself. This all means that I have spent much of the week holding her, either trying to get her to sleep or trying to keep her happy in between her feeding time. I must admit that it is a lot of work. I am now sympathetic to the women who stay at home with young children and do not find the time to cook and clean and must bear the complaints of their husbands when they come home and ask upon seeing the house, “So, what did you do today . . . ?” It is not easy. And while I love my daughter (who is getting cuter each day) and I have enjoyed this week to become closer to her, I think I will be ready to get back to work next Monday. 


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