iPhone Mania

Never before in my life do I remember so much hype leading up to the release of a consumer electronic device. As you all know, the iPhone came out last Friday and sold out around the country. I got my hands on one on Saturday (no, I didn’t buy a device, but I did get to sample it) and was quite impressed. While I understand that many people have been disappointed and that there have been problems activating it over this past weekend, all in all the consensus is that this device will help revolutionize the next era of smart phone/personal computing technology. With that said, however, I would not recommend that one go out and buy an iPhone. The device will improve dramatically in the next few years and more options will also be available. Today’s New York Times ran an article on how the Asian electronics makers are on the heels of Apple’s technology (click here for article), and anyone who has been to Asia recently knows how true this is. As we speak, Apple is in the lab working on improving its technology (although it may be hard to beat its beautiful design) and, I would bet, will help lead the wave of next generation smart phones. Its stock is down today because analysts believe that the value of the iPhone is already built into the price of the stock, but I say just wait and see what AAPL will be trading at a year from now. But, of course, much of that depends on how the next version of the iPhone does.


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