Duty. Honor. Country.

This past weekend I made my first trip up to the United States Military Academy, or West Point as it is more commonly known. The campus was beautiful and the views of the Hudson River were gorgeous. What I was impressed with, however, were the cadets, or the almost 4000 students at the Military Academy training to become officers in the U.S. Army. We went to West Point because the weekend following the Fourth of July each year the Academy presents its distinguished military band and fireworks to thousands of visitors from all over the country. The weekend is also used to welcome the new incoming Class of 2011, who have now been at the Academy for about one week. The new class of cadets marched through the crowd and took their seat in front near the band overlooking the Hudson River, and while they looked young and unseasoned in the military, the display was impressive. It is not an easy time for someone to have the desire to join the military in the U.S., and while these cadets will not graduate for four years, their courage, desire to serve and dedication to their country deserve our respect, regardless of your political views. Thank you for serving Class of 2011 and everyone else in the U.S. Military. 


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