I must admit that I am a Michael Jackson fan. However, all Michael Jackson fans of today, and there are still many millions of them, must always include a caveat at the end that statement. That caveat always goes something like this: Of course, I am a fan of the 1980s MJ and not the weird, creepy MJ of the past many years. My following comments are based on that caveat as my premise.

I saw Thriller yesterday for the first time in a while and was struck with how original the video was for its time. In 1982, no one had ever seen anything like this. The dancing was MJ’s, the video told a true story, and the music was great. It’s no wonder why he is the King of Pop. Smooth Criminal, another awesome MJ video that came out later in the 1980s, is another example of how ingenious MJ was for his time. Looking at the artists today (and I use that term strictly because not everyone on MTV is an artist), many can trace their roots back to MJ, just as MJ traces his partly back to James Brown. While watching Thriller yesterday, I was also reminded of a MJ tribute the radio station I grew up listening to (93.3 KUBE) had the day his HIStory album came out in the summer of 1995. For twenty-four hours straight, KUBE played only Michael Jackson songs, from the Jackson 5 to his Dangerous album and beyond. A tribute like that these days would be hard to come by given his acquittal two years ago and strange behavior in the past several years. But I stand firm. I am a Michael Jackson fan and appreciate him for the artist he once was.  


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  1. Caveat? Caveat?! Who are you?

    I’m more a fan of the current Michael Jackson. He’s white, literally loves kids, and he doesn’t have a stuck up nose (or any nose at all for that matter) because he’s over a million dollars in debt and still spending like crazy.


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