I joined iPod nation well over a year ago and have enjoyed having my music collection with me as I commuted into New York City and back home each day. My iPod has also been with me to the gym and while I travel. I have almost 2000 songs (although sometimes I feel bored with my choices, numerous they may be) and many photos and find it no surprise that Apple has the market share in the MP3 business that it does. What I had not been doing, however, was using the iTunes online store. For over the past year, I had been going to my public library and borrowing CDs and uploading them onto my laptop at home and then putting new music on my iPod that way. This is, of course, after I had loaded almost every song from every CD that I owned. I avoided the iTunes online store because I did not have good access to the Internet at home and wanted to avoid spending money (99¢ a song adds up after a while).

Well, I finally decided it’s time to explore beyond the library’s music collection and have spent the last few days on iTunes. I am amazed at what you can find on there – and for free. I had been wanting to find a good podcast for the past year, but was unsuccessful at obtaining any recommendations. I have tried a few podcasts related to Japan and some Japanese language podcasts as well, all of which I have found enjoyable and entertaining. Since May 2006 when I receievd an iPod as a gift, it has been solely about music for me. I am finding out that it can be used for so much more. It’s no wonder that AAPL stock is at an all time high – $137.73.

If you have a favorite podcast, let me know what it is so that I can check it out.  


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