Battery Park City

As a lifelong New York hobbyist, I am often asked where I would choose to live if I lived in Manhattan. Having explored the island more than most, I am confident I have found one of the best living environments in the country for inner-city living. If you can afford it, that is. The area I am thinking of is Battery Park City and is commonly referred to as one of the suburbs of Manhattan, although the area sits on landfill over the Hudson River in lower Manhattan, just northwest from Ground Zero and the World Financial Center. Many visitors to New York have been to Battery Park, as that is the location from which one catches the ferry to the Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island, but Battery Park City is different. No one will try to sell you fake Oakleys or handbags and no street performers will try to con you out of your money. Instead, BPC is one of the nicest, safest, most beautiful, family friendly areas I have ever seen. Although not considered a tourist or sightseeing area, I am constantly taking visitors to New York there, all of whom have the same reaction – they love the neighborhood. And what’s not to like, the views are spectacular, the streets are clean, the apartments are new (no pre-war buildings here), and the basketball courts, benches, playgrounds, waterfalls, and fields are plentiful. Plus, New York City is literally next door. There is a price to live in this neighborhood, however, and it is not cheap (click here for BPC craigslist postings). While I enjoy and appreicate many other neighborhoods in the City, there is no hesitation when asked where I would like to live in Manhattan. Given the island’s size (actually it’s quite small, especially in lower Manhattan) and lack of space for expansion, Battery Park City is truly a gem in a world class city.


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