Shoes For Less

Recently I went shopping and came across a Steve & Barry’s. What a great idea. Not one item in their store is over $20. And the clothes were of good quality (or at least as good as most places of the same type). I bought a few things, including some basketball shoes for $14.98. That price for a nice pair of shoes is unheard of these days. The brand, known as Starbury, has been made famous by Stephon Marbury, a starter for the New York Knicks who also wore his Starbury shoes in each game during this last NBA season. Marbury wanted to create an athletic shoe and clothing line that anyone could afford as opposed to high-priced alternatives such as Nike, Adidas, etc. From what I can tell, the Starbury clothes and shoes are as well made as any other brand in the same genre (meaning, of course, that the overworked laborer in southern China put in the same amount of care as they did when they put together that Adidas jersey or Nike basketball shoes) and the style is cool enough that most people could wear it and not look like a fool on the street or the basketball court. The ramifications of pricing the gear lower, however, is that the margins are lower, which is not bad given the amount of money athletes already make. Having just got my pair of Starbury shoes last Saturday, I have yet to determine whether they are as durable and comfortable as a higher priced shoe, but I applaud Stephon Marbury for taking action and for putting kids and families with less resources in a position to buy some decent shoes (clcik here for ABC News article).  

Edit: I was tipped off to this site. If you are looking for shoes, anything you want is right here at


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