At The Driving Range

Yesterday was my firm’s annual summer picnic. For the second year in a row, the firm chose to party at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. I enjoyed the party and it was fun to spend time with my coworkers outside of the office. What I really enjoyed, however, was the private golf lesson I received for free. I don’t claim to be a golfer, but golf is a sport that I appreciate and would like to improve at. The Chelsea Piers has the largest driving range in Manhattan (as far as I know) and it stretches several hundred yards over the Hudson River. I started driving golf balls from my stall and had my usual number of slices, hooks, grounders and bad shots with an occasional great shot mixed in. Then, the golf pro working yesterday came by. He helped me with my grip, stance, and stroke. By the time I left, I was not only driving the balls straight for several hundred years but I was doing it consistently too. It was actually quite satisfying to know that a few pointers could cause such improvement in my game in such a short period of time. I hit over 250 balls on the range yesterday all on my firm’s tab. Today, I am sore, but happy to know that I was able to work on my golfing game. Now, I just need to remember what I learned yesterday for the few occasions in the next year when I might have the opportunity to go golfing.


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