I finished reading a book yesterday by Donald Richie titled The Japan Journals. The book covered the almost sixty years that Richie lived in Japan, from 1947 to 2004, and his thoughts, impressions, adventures and experiences in the country as it transformed itself into a global powerhouse. What struck me, however, was the level of detail he included in his journals. Besides this blog (which only began in November, 2006) I have always been a good journal keeper, but my journals are far from being in a condition to where they could be published and be entertaining for someone to read. But Richie’s journals were, and the type of experiences he included and how well he wrote will forever be with me, especially as someone interested in Japan. My ten plus years of journals are quite different. If anything, I am hoping that my journals will bring back memories, smiles, faces and places when I am older. They may be even useful to my family or a close friend. But I mostly write for myself. I write to remember and to be able to look back. I write to reflect and to memorialize. But the point is that I write. 


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