Planes, Trains and Wedding Bells

This week is a week of firsts for me. On Wednesday My wife and I are flying out of JFK for the first time as parents and bringing our daughter Hanna along. I hope we are not the couple on board the plane with the screaming kid. We have over a four-hour flight, and although Hanna is a good baby, four hours is a long time to be sitting there with her (not to mention the travel time to get to the airport and the waiting around once there). I am a little nervous about the flight because in my experience no one ever leaves JFK Airport on time. And the weather forecast for Wednesday does not look promising, as thunderstorms are predicted to hit the area. A delayed flight is one thing, but because we are flying out in the evening, an arrival at our destination later than scheduled will likely cause us to miss our rental car pickup, forcing us to get back near the airport the next morning to pick up our car. In short, it could become frustrating and our good little Hanna may be the least of our worries. 

The purpose of the trip is to attend my brother’s wedding. While I have never met his fiancé, I have heard good things about her and am happy for them. It is still hard for me to believe that my younger brother is getting married. There was a time that I tried to convince him to date other people before he became too serious with one girl, but as they say, when you know what you want, you know what you want. Let’s just hope that it’s what they both want at this age, because as helpful and good as marriage can be, I can say that it is not all fun and games. But here’s to the young couple ready to start their lives together. May you always love and appreciate each other and treat each other kindly.