Vacation From Vacation

Vacations can sometimes be more hectic than real life. I just returned from a so-called vacation and feel that I am now ready for a real break. From airport delays and over crowding to trying to fit in seeing everyone and doing everything while you’re away, the past many vacations my wife and I have been on have been anything but relaxing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy traveling and seeing family and friends, but my wife and I agree that it is time to take a real vacation. Maybe we work too hard? Isn’t life supposed to be enjoyed? Aren’t vacations meant to be spent on the beach somewhere, or in nice restaurants alone with your loved one in exotic cities, or at least trying new things in new places?

And now we have our little Hanna and my wife’s new job. A true vacation will probably have to wait until next year. But even then, where do we go? Do we bring Hanna or not? I often think of the well-known saying, “Life is short” and think of my mother. Having always wanted to visit Hawaii, her life ended abruptly before she had the chance to go. We love our friends and family, but to save our long-term sanity and because life can be short, we need to plan a real vacation.


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