Soon The World May Be Ours

Our house hunting may have to be put on hold for a little while. Not only have mortgage interest rates gone up, but banks and other lenders are now more careful as to who they loan money to. We have good credit, but without a large chunk of money for the down payment, it may be difficult to be approved for a mortgage in New York in the near future. Plus higher rates now mean that we would have to find something significantly cheaper than what we were considering just to have the same monthly payment. But I’m in no way disappointed. Sure, the prospect of buying a house may be exciting and we will continue to pay attention to what comes on the market, but owning a home would also tie us down for several years and I am interested in having flexibility and the ability to move on short notice in case the right opportunity comes up somewhere else. At this point, I feel that there is no reason why we shouldn’t consider moving somewhere else in the near future, especially if we can both find jobs that we’re happy with. Believe it or not, my wife has me thinking more seriously about moving to places I would have never thought of before. This is what having a family does to you, I guess. Hard as it is for me, I must admit that I have become slightly less interested in the excitement of the city and more interested in room, cost of living and quality of life. Geez, and I’m not even 30. We’re here for the next year and a half and then the world is ours. The only question is where do we go from here?